Weekly Challenge #3 – Sentence Repetition

To complete these challenges, you should become familiar with splitting strings. These help you split a string into a list/array of individual words. For the gold challenge, you may also want to view my tutorial on selecting random items from a list in Python.


Write a program which asks the user to enter a sentence. The program should then output the sentence, but with the first word of the sentence repeated at the end of the sentence.

For example: “Hello Word” would become “Hello World Hello”

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Weekly Challenge #2 – Basic Word Game

This week we are going to be building a basic word game. This will require an understanding of string handling operations in your chosen programming language.


Write a program which asks the user to enter a word. The program should then calculate and output the user’s score based on the length of the word.

  • 3 letters: 1 point
  • 4-5 letters: 2 points
  • 6-7 letters: 3 points
  • 8-9 letters: 5 points

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Hello World… Round 2

I originally started up this website in late 2015, with the intention of uploading “sporadically”. It’s safe to say I didn’t stick to that…

One of my new (academic) year’s resolutions is to start sharing more of my work with the wider teaching community. Hopefully I can provide some insightful views and useful resources for fellow teachers and Computer Science students. 

Every Monday (During term time) I will be posting a new weekly programming challenge aimed for Y10+ students. I will post the solutions for the challenge on the following Monday, in both C# & Python. 

I will also be posting tutorials and articles at (most likely) random intervals. Hopefully there won’t be another year long gap!

Why I Love Programming – Because I’m Terrible At It

My Favourite Mug

In amongst all of the Christmas festivities, I’ve finally had the chance to do something I have neglected for some time – program for fun. I enjoy teaching programming at school, but I very rarely find myself doing any programming outside of school – perhaps teaching it every day has burnt me out somewhat.

In the past week or so, I feel as though I’ve reverted to my university lifestyle – staying up until the early hours of the morning, blasting metal music through my headphones and working on programming projects. Nowadays however, there are no looming coursework deadlines or dissertations to write. Instead, I find myself programming purely for fun. But what exactly is it that makes it so fun? The fact that I’m terrible at it.

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